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Sunny Days

July 26, 2011

Sunday 24thJuly

Sunset in St Jean

Having made our surprise stop in Monaco, enjoyed the sights, the Cathedral, the Old town, the F1 track, the Casino in Monte Carlo and enjoyed a lovely dinner out by the port, we were ready to head off. We met 2 really nice guys on the boat next door, I’d seen the boat in Cannes last weekend ‘Aweigh of thinking’ and enjoyed a chat and a look around. He had sailed from New York, across to the Azores and then onto Gibraltar where he had picked up the Mistral and sailed for two days with 35knots of wind! He was on a tight schedule as he was picking a friend up in Monaco on Thursday and had to be there!

He is now cruising the area for 18 months with various friends and guests but also doing a lot of solo sailing. The great coincidence was he had chosen a Beneteau Oceanis as his boat, a 1999 version and slightly smaller, but he had everything on there, his big tv and dvd player, his surfboard, a carpet!! So we said goodbye and happy cruising and off we went. We managed a fabulous sail to St Jean Cap Ferret for lunch. The wind was force 3, perfect for full sail and 5 – 6 knots boat speed and it was even in the right direction!

Sunset on the port side

We saw the medieval village of Eze perched on top of the hills, Bill Gates’ villa on Cap Ferret, some guy from Microsoft’s large boat ’Octopus’ and another similarly sized boat belonging to Middles-Eastern Royalty! An eventful morning! We anchored up and enjoyed a swim and some Moules Marinieres and then enjoyed boat watching as we were joined by about 50 more boats all coming in for lunch!

At 1430 we upped anchor and headed off to Villefranche as we had an important appointment, but in true French style it didn’t happen! So off we went to anchor in the bay and wait for 7pm and the fuel berth to close. The good news is that we made our appointment yesterday, and being Saturday the guy had most of his family with him! Jobs done and a berth for the night we enjoyed dinner out in Villefranche at the restaurant ‘La Grignotiere’. A very homely, more French mountain style restaurant and not so chic! I enjoyed the Plat du Jour, a plate of 3 fillets of fish, salmon, cod and another white fish on fresh, thinly sliced lightly cooked vegetables and Phil had a Pizza Chorizo with a very thin base. Of course afterwards we went for a stroll and had an ice cream!

'Al Mirqab' and 'Octopus'

So today we’re off to anchor, do some jobs, clean up and prepare ourselves for August. We have guests arriving every week in August starting off with a couple who will be on honeymoon, followed by two weeks of families and then a group of 6. Here’s to some good winds and happy sailing.

A bientot…

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