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The Mistral wind blows

July 18, 2011

Monday 18th July

The Mistral wind blows…

Wind in the trees

We are currently experiencing a windy patch of weather! We left Villefranche on Tuesday in near calm but with the forecast of SE 4 – 5 we donned our lifejackets and set sail. It wasn’t long before the wind picked up and with it the waves! We made our way to Antibes, went into the harbour, saw the massive super yachts (including ‘Pelorus’ which is Ibramavich’s latest 377ft, £300 million beast) and left again. We made our way under sail (2 reefs in main, 1 in genoa) battling the waves around the Cap d’Antibes and into Juan les Pins. It was like a different day in there – calm sea, sunshine, slightly less wind…and then the thunder started!

No helicopters today

The guests had just gone ashore and were probably enjoying a cocktail or some other alcoholic drink in one of Juan les Pins many wonderful bars, when the rumbling started. Then the flashes joined in, forks straight down into the sea, pretty near by and then the rain, oh the rain! Alone on the boat (Phil had stepped ashore to get much needed supplies) I was cocooned in my own little world of grey. No other boats (although I knew one was only a few boat lengths away), no marina (only 100 yards away), no electricity (turned off due to lightning overhead!) I shut all the hatches to breathe but the rain was too strong for them so I had to fully close them, and then I changed all the linen on the boat in near darkness!

Having done several circles round the anchor, the storm stopped just as quickly as it had started and the evening was a

Just two of the collection

beautiful one! The guests enjoyed a night ashore in a very busy, mid-Jazz Festival, Juan les Pins. The next day we ambled over to the Iles de Lerins and did some swimming, had dinner onboard and watched the Bastille Day Fireworks. And on Friday we took a trip across the bay of Cannes to Theoule sur-Mer where we had fun with a little motor boat who dropped his anchor directly on top of ours – quite a skill considering it was 15m deep!!

Having untangled ourselves we put the sails up and had a quick blast (roughly 22 minutes) back across the bay to Cannes which is where we still are, minus 6 guests! The Mistral is a wind that blows, usually only reaching as far as the St Tropez area, but today all zones are on Mistral alert! Currently we have anything between 6 and 36 knots blasting through the rigging but at least it’s sunny and warm enough to remove my jumper!

‘Chez Freddy’ was the restaurant of choice last night and it was fantastic. I had Aioli; a mix of root vegetables, a boiled egg, langoustines, prawns, mussels and salmon. Phil had half a roast chicken and chips and his Dad had paella with rabbit and seafood. All followed by an ice cream from Barabac’s!

Going nowhere

The super yachts are not moving anywhere today. What do the rich do when that happens? Get the cars out… Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Aston Martins, Mercedes Maclaren, and bullet proof matt black super cars are currently littering the car park outside the boats and outside the Carlton and other rather large and expensive hotels. The plates indicate that are a few very rich Arabs in town with cars from Kuwait, Dubai, UAE and of course the Russians are here! The shops however, are not so busy and I intend to take full advantage of that fact and am just on my out to play with the tigers in Louis Vuitton’s front window…

A bientot…

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