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Monaco darling!

July 12, 2011

Monday 11th July

Monaco darling!

The Casino

Well it’s hot and there’s no wind as has been the case for a little while! Whilst in Villefranche Phil and I received the ‘Essential Sailing’ flags for the boat but with no wind to fly them they didn’t really do their job very well! But good news is – more wind is on the way!

Today we managed a maximum of 3.4 knots boat speed and that was very briefly! Luckily we weren’t going far! Having met our new guests on Saturday evening and welcomed them on board with champagne and canapés we motored up to Menton yesterday. We stopped on the way for a swim and some lunch, in a place where Phil and I have only ever been accompanied by 3 or 4 other boats. Yesterday there were a lot more than that and some were huge!!


One of our guests was given a lovely surprise gift from her husband. It was a special wedding anniversary and was something she had wanted for years! The presentation began with ‘In the Navy’ by The Village People, followed by the husband dressed in suitable captain’s dress with a very sparkly pink box in his hand! Needless to say everyone else was in on it and it was a very welcome gift!

Today we had a leisurely breakfast and tried sailing but without much success and ended up giving donkey another outing. We anchored up in rather deep water (34m to be exact) and had a swim and a fresh tuna Nicoise salad for lunch. We then mosied on in to Port Monaco and are currently moored right beneath the casino facing the old town. It’s really hot but the air-con’s on and the boat is several degrees cooler inside than out!

This week we have 6 guests on board and so far it’s working well. It’s busy, the cooking is fun but hot and the washing up

New flags!

just goes on for ever!! There’s plenty of room on deck for everyone, some like to sunbathe, others like to drive. The cleaning of rooms and bathrooms is Phil’s job and so far he’s doing well to get them all done between our departure port and our lunch stop, considering they’re not so far apart at the moment (today’s total travelled distance was 4.5 miles!)

All the glasses are being used, the plates, the bowls, the cutlery… I think there might be one spare set somewhere! For now the guests are enjoying the sights of Monaco. There are plenty of huge boats to look at and one has just come in with a helicopter on top!! Tonight it’s the casino and tomorrow morning is the old town, before we tootle off to St Jean Cap Ferret for lunch and Villefranche and a very nice restaurant for dinner!

Some big boats

So for now, I’ll leave you to it, whilst I sit in the coolness of my air-conditioned ‘cute’ (as it was called today) sail-boat and let you dream of drifting along the beautiful clear waters of the Riviera.

A bientot…


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  1. Saghi Zarbafi permalink
    July 13, 2011 1:09 pm

    Cute! Clearly American then. Glad the Warner party seem to be making full use of the boat and enjoying the champagne! I wish I was there too, sounds lovely. I could even wash-up! Saghi

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