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Hot, hot, hot!!

June 27, 2011

Monday 27th June

It’s hot!

Today is the hottest day so far for us. We are currently in St Tropez, the wind is blowing and it’s a very warm wind, and the sun is beating down!! Apparently it’s all coming from Africa and yesterday Bordeaux had a record-breaking 39.2 degrees C!! We have the air-con on, keeping the boat at manageable temperatures, and we’re eating lots of salad and ice-cream!!

Since we last spoke, I have encountered many more stink boats, the worst of which were today, in the entrance to St Tropez port. I could see huge boats coming out and was leaving room and waiting for them, but motor boats our sort of size decided they were going in regardless and caused mayhem!! Anyway, we got in, which is the important thing, had a lovely lunch of shrimps with lemon and garlic, and a white chocolate cheesecake and now, having walked round St Tropez and seen the sights, relaxed with a beer watching the super stink boats moor in the old harbour and enjoyed a giant ice cream from Giovanni’s we are ready for a snooze before heading out into the night life!

Talking of night life – we were in Cannes for two nights over the weekend and they know how to party!! There was a Cannes Lions Festival in the festival hall and for two nights in a row they had parties! Not the usual 10pm – 2am parties, these started at 0030 and went on until the sun rose at 0500!! And they were noisy!! Apparently there were fireworks, I think I’d gotten so used to the noise I slept through them!!

A quieter night was had in Saint Raphael last night where everyone slept soundly. We had a super sail this morning. It didn’t look promising when we left St Raphael with no wind at all and lots of fishing boats around. But the wind soon showed up and steadily increased all morning until we were doing 8 knots in the Gulf of Saint Tropez!! The forecast is for hotter tomorrow but with a lot of wind. Hopefully we’ll get out of Saint Tropez, have a blast and head in to Sainte Maxime for the evening where we’re meeting 2 more guests on Wednesday.

Tomorrow night is X-Factor final in France – there’s an English guy in the final who is a French student and he’s very good! The other person is a 17 year old Belgian girl, so not really a French final at all!! I enjoy X-Factor here much more as there are only 3 advert breaks in 3 hours, they have serious celebrities on the programme and the song lyrics are not edited at all!! I wonder if the French contestants know exactly what they’re singing sometimes…’I see you driving round town with the girl I love and I’m like, **** you!!”  

Well, off to Giovanni’s for some amazing ice cream and hopefully a super blast of a sail tomorrow!

A bientot…

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  1. Graham and Linda Wright permalink
    July 3, 2011 7:20 pm

    Just want to thank you both again for the wonderful time we’ve had and wish you success and lots of happy sailing together.
    Best wishes Graham and Linda.

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