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Random Ramblings

June 22, 2011

Wednesday 22nd June

Random Ramblings…

Motor boats were never popular with me. In fact in Fowey they were referred to as ‘stink boats’ because of the noise and the smell they make, nothing to do with the types on board! Well, round here, ‘puant bateaux’ outnumber the quiet, not-so-smelly, sailing boats by about 15 to 1. The marinas are full of them, the sea is full of them, the anchorages are full of them, they are just everywhere and always getting in the way!

Today for example, we were motoring (due to lack of wind) at a respectable 5 knots (no need to rush anywhere) and ambling around the Cap d’Antibes, when all of a sudden we were surrounded! Two gigantic super yachts came one either side of us, we rolled side to side over their massive wakes (couldn’t head into it as there were…) two small French fishing boats anchored on the shallow patch I was trying to avoid and then a British bulldog who obviously knew where he wanted to go regardless of who’s in the way was right up on my starboard quarter allowing no room for manoeuvre anywhere!!

They are simply everywhere. Even in your sleep they’ll come and get you: The boat will be lying calmly, gently rocking at anchor, Phil will be snoring, even the fish are sleeping and then, wham! Roll 1; cupboards empty, roll 2; bottles roll, roll 3; drawers empty!! The disturbance is from the wake of a super yacht, somewhere out to sea (it probably passed about 3 hours ago!) and you are rudely awakened and tossed around like a cork in a bath tub!

Thank goodness we have a sailing boat, a much rarer sight around here. Although at weekends the locals tend to come out on their little 1970s tubs and put a sail up to join the crusade. At night, we gather together, safety in numbers, once the motor boats have departed and moored up in their square marina berths, we are free to enjoy the space, the sea, the views, the company!

Of course this all sounds like we are truly surrounded in every square inch of water by motor boats. The truth is, there’s a lot of craft around, be it motor powered or other and the sea is very busy at this time of year. However, we have found amusement in watching daytime antics such as anchoring, and have enjoyed many peaceful nights at anchor and in marinas.

The other night we even enjoyed a meal in a restaurant. We decided after 10 nights in a row at anchor it was time for civilisation. We went ashore in Villefranche to the restaurant ‘Le Cosmo’ and enjoyed a delicious meal of scallops and prawns in coconut milk and lemongrass and chicken tikka brochette, as well as ice cream-filled profiteroles! What a treat!

Our next guests arrive on Saturday and we’re off towards St Tropez and will hopefully visit Frejus, St Raphael, La Figuierette, Cannes and the Iles de Lerins as well. Looking forward to a busy week ahead…

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  1. sally whitehead permalink
    June 27, 2011 4:40 pm

    It still all sounds blissful and I can’t wait to be able to join you. Maybe next year when we’ve saved up!!! Miss you both. Mum xxxx

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