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Things to do in a Thunderstorm

June 9, 2011

Tuesday 7th June

Things to do in a thunderstorm…

Having had so many thunderstorms in quick succession we have been thinking up things to do whilst they rumble and flash around us! Some are slightly more obvious than others, some may appear strange but when you’ve had days of storms you start to go slightly crazy…

Storms coming our way!

1 – Watch the lightning. This may seem obvious but it is a fun game and a scary one at the same time. By watching the lightning you know which way the storm is going but it is also amazing to watch. We have seen lightning hit the water, hit a tree on a hill, run through the clouds, and light up the sky for miles around.

2 – Count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder. Having established which way the storm is going by watching the lightning, you can also tell how far away it is by the length of the gap between the lightning flash and the thunder rumble, 1 second = 1 mile.

3 – Wish you weren’t on a boat! Probably my least favourite place to be in a storm. I’ve tried tents, houses, beaches, shacks, a Hobie Cat and now a yacht. I would say that the thunder sounds 10 times louder, echoes round the hills and bounces back, the lightning lights up the whole boat and the biggest thing of all is that metal pole you have sticking up from the middle of your boat, just tempting the lightning to come to you! I do remember when we were given the boat that the guys doing the handover reassured us that the lightning conductor runs down the mast and over the side of the boat not down through the keel so we won’t get split in half! Some reassurance!!

4 – I wore my flip flops for rubber earthing for about 5 days non-stop!

5 – We’ve played cards: Rummy, Snap, S**t Head, Patience, Trumps, Chase the Ace….

6 – The first storm didn’t have any rain with it, but by the time we got the storms on Sunday morning/afternoon we had torrential rain. So we decided to try and fill a tank that was empty. Unfortunately the rig wasn’t quite right but my bucket under the edge of the sun-shade collected 4 litres in 35 minutes. I filled all our drinking water bottles and am still enjoying it now!

7 – Empty the dinghy…3 times!! Phil was kept busy in between all the rain storms. Terry needed emptying several times! Unfortunately we couldn’t put the water in the tanks as Phil had had a hair cut the day before in Terry away from everyone else and he came back somewhat hairier than when he left! He is now, however, smooth as a baby’s bum and not a sign of a hair anywhere!!

Lemon Meringue Pie

8 – I made a lemon meringue pie. We had lots of eggs and lemons that needed using up and some pastry, so Phil chose what he wanted and I made it! I’m sure he only chose it so he could take a picture and send it my sister, Hannah. They have had battles in the past over lemon meringue pie!!

9 – Eat the lemon meringue pie! I managed a piece at lunch and felt decidedly ill afterwards! Phil however, managed lunch, afternoon tea and dinner of lemon meringue pie and was still able to move afterwards!

10 – An important one: we decided to turn off all electrics just in case. We don’t have a metal box which I’ve heard of people putting all their important stuff into in the bottom of the boat and most of ours is not detachable so we made do with turning off all the batteries and sitting in darkness with no tv, radio, phone, computer, lights, heating…

11 – Another personal favourite: Abandon ship and retreat to the nearest bar, if it’s open!

And the final fun game to play is – ‘how many circles has the boat done round her anchor?’ The boat spent three days in one place and we didn’t lift the anchor once. We didn’t move from where we anchored but we did do at least 15 circles round it in one day! This is because of the wind directions being constantly changed by the storms.

Then we reached Monday and we woke to sunshine and blue skies!! We were up early as we had a date on the fuel pontoon

Conwy Marina on a blustery day

with the laundry man. We handed over our dirty linen and it will be delivered back in a few days! We had a fabulous sail that took most of the day. We decided not to go to the islands as previously planned as the forecast for Monday night/Tuesday morning was not good, something along the lines of SE 6 gusting 8! So we had a fabulous sail, doing speeds of 2 – 8 knots along the way, and 30 miles later we were in Villefranche. We anchored up and Phil took Terry in to the marina to see if there was space and as always they were very kind and helpful and gave us a space.

It was certainly a good night’s sleep compared to the last few. The batteries are appreciating the charge and tonight is X-Factor!!

A bientot…

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