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Pesky Thunderstorms!

June 7, 2011

Saturday 4th June

Sleepless nights…

Stormy weather!

Having hoped for a quiet night on Thursday, we went to sleep with the rumble of thunder echoing around the hills! The lightning and thunder were a long way apart so a reasonable amount of sleep was had before the storm was overhead at 5.30am! It was the biggest storm I’ve seen for a long time. There wasn’t a lot of lightning and thunder but what there was huge and the rain that followed could have filled our tanks three times over! The thunder was that belly-rumbling sort and being in a bay surrounded by hills, it went on and on and on… The lightning was fork lightning and as the storm passed over we saw it touch the water about a mile away!

the mountains meet the sea!

After the rain we got a couple more hours kip and woke to a peaceful morning. We had a swim, upped anchor and set out for La Napoule. There was little to no wind so Donkey worked hard and pushed us on. We made it to La Napoule and anchored outside La Rague harbour, shallow depths are difficult to find round here so we were in about 15metres! Phil took a trip ashore to find out that the Ancasta branch had shut for the day so we had a swim and then decided to move slightly further round the bay to outside Theoule-sur-Mer as we could find a slightly shallower depth there for the evening.

We took a stroll ashore after homemade pizzas for tea and viewed the boat all by itself in it’s little bay. And lo and behold, just after we got back to the boat, lightning flashed!! This time it was a long way out to sea and the thunder was hardly audible, but it was on its’ way. By midnight the lightning was closer but had gone around the back of the hills not over us and no rain came. So a relatively peaceful night was had.

A busy bay

This morning the wind had changed direction and we now have an aroma wafting to us from the nearby Mussel farm! It is not entirely unpleasant, just very ‘sea’ scented! We were quickly joined by lots of French motor boats out for the day with families and it has been a good day for people watching and French anchoring techniques have been well and truly absorbed! Phil took another trip to Ancasta and we now have our builder’s plate which has our Official number and Net Tonnage on it – all we have to do now is decide where to put it!

We had a wander round the beaches this afternoon and stopped for a drink at ‘La Petite Fontaines’ snack bar and restaurant. Our plan is to stay tonight and tomorrow, drop the linen off on Monday and then head to the islands for a couple of days. Of course this all depends on the thunderstorms, I have a feeling they are still lurking over the mountains and just biding their time. But for now it is beautifully sunny, a cool breeze keeps wafting over us and the boat is gently rocking on the calm sea.

A bientot…

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