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June 4, 2011

Thursday 2ndJune

Menton after the storm

After the storm…

Having been up quite a few times last night to check on the boat and rearrange fenders we finally woke to a much calmer day. The wind had dropped and the sea was calming down. We decided to leave Menton and head West. We didn’t get far before we decided to ‘have a look’ at St Jean Cap Ferrat, a tiny headland just before Villefranche and about 5 miles from Monaco. The wind was W/SW but light, the swell more Southerly which meant that behind the headland would be perfect for shelter.

Cap Ferrat

‘Just a look’ has turned into staying for the night! The forecast is good, variable 1 – 2, SW 3 in open water, so hopefully a quiet night! The boat we were bouncing against in Menton has, ironically, anchored right next to us! They have 4 boys on board, the two youngest still in bright orange lifejackets obviously haven’t passed their swim test yet! The amuse themselves all day with swimming, rowing, fishing, the beach, throwing ropes over the side…

any guesses?!

We took a trip ashore in Terry to have a look around St Jean. It is a lovely small town, lots of bars and restaurants and the ‘Cap’ has many private villas in spacious grounds dotted around it. We are currently moored by what appears to be a castle, but actually is a 7bed private villa. It only has 2 swimming pools so we won’t be buying that one!


The town also has a variety of odd sculptures on show (see the pictures). Some of which I am not entirely sure about at all!!

When we arrived we were being raced to the spot by a blue boat who has now left. But we are not short of company. There are currently: 10 super motor yachts, 1 super sailing yacht, 8 normal sized sailing yachts, and a few French motor boats around! A popular spot and obviously shows that we are in the right place for the forecasted weather!

Answers on a postcard...

The sun finally decided to come out this afternoon after a very stormy start in Menton and we are about to get a fantastic sunset over St Jean. Tomorrow we are heading further West and down to La Napoule. With a bit of luck we’ll get slightly more than variable 1-2!!

A beautiful flower

A bientot…

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