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Happy Birthday Phil!

May 30, 2011

Monday 30th May

Menton and the mountains

A drop of rain…

Having managed to get ourselves onto the fuel berth for a very quiet night, apart from the water slapping the boat, we awoke to trouble on the quayside. An older gentleman, having been seen to have had one too many in the pub the night before, had injured himself getting off his boat. It was unclear as to what he had done but the Capitain provide alcohol wipes and blankets and an ambulance was called. The gentleman was taken to hospital in full neck brace and board and did not look well at all. We all wish him well.

After the drama had calmed down, I paid a visit to the Capitainerie and paid our dues from the night before. The weather forecast was for wind – finally some wind!! South/Southwest force 4 – 5 gusting 6! So off we went, lifejackets on, sailing downhill at 6.5 knots with 2 reefs in the main and half a genoa. We turned the corner at the honeycomb apartments and got a bit more speed across the wind (8.5 – 9 knots) as well as a little spot of rain that lasted for a whole 5 minutes! We headed towards Cannes and arrived too early to go into the port so we tacked and sailed out towards the Iles de Lerins, bouncing over the waves that were gradually increasing in size! As we were sailing upwind we were healed over and one guest, thoroughly enjoying herself on the bow, took the biggest wave of the day! She was completely soaked and yet shouted ‘wahoo, more please’!! All that lovely white linen, new teak…

A tight squeeze

Having dried off, we turned around and headed for Port Cannes. We had managed to reserve a berth and radioed up to find out where we were going. Quai Saint Pierre, 304. Almost next to the island ferries and all the trip boats but right in all the beautiful classic yachts. A noisy, busy road runs past the quay and the boat was filling up with dust as the wind was blowing straight in but a stroll around town and along the beach was enjoyed by everyone. Some even had a cocktail!

After a lovely few drinks and a not so good kebab we headed back to the boat to sleep off the most exciting sail we’ve had so far!! Saturday’s sun woke us up and we discovered that the not-so-good kebab was having a very bad effect on one member of the crew. With him tucked up in his cabin we left Cannes and motored towards Villefranche for lunch and a swim. Somehow 5.30pm came round very quickly and it was time for guests to leave. We were waiting for the berth to become available in the port so Terry the tender was called upon to ferry people and bags back to shore. Just as we finished ferrying, the berth was available! Typical French timing!!

What a berth it was, having been in it before we thought it would be a piece of cake! The same big Sunseeker was still there

Fenders hard at work!

on one side, but instead of two normal sized yachts on the other there were two 70-something foot Swan yachts!! So we reversed the back of the boat in as far as it would go and then used fenders and some gentle persuasion to get the belly past the Swan’s belly. Everyone breathed in and we popped into place – certainly the tightest yet!!

Another successful week, guests having had a fabulous time and not wanting to leave!! For now we’re cleaning, swimming when it’s too hot to clean and anchoring in beautiful bays. Unfortunately the weather forecast for mid-week is looking particularly bleak with rain, cloud and 17 degrees!!! Time to get the jumpers out…

A bientot

 If you fancy sailing on the French Riviera onboard your own luxury crewed and catered yacht, why not call us now: 0845 653 0126. Special offers available throughout June. We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

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