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Bobbing along…

May 28, 2011

Friday 27thMayFlora and Fauna Ste M.

Bobbing along…

We certainly were bobbing along today, but more of that another time. Since Monday we have been all over the Riviera. We left Menton on what appeared to be another beautifully calm, sunny day. And that’s exactly what it turned out to be! We had the engine on, heading for Antibes, and once we were level with Nice airport in the Baie des Anges we tried sailing. In fact, although we started slowly at about 2.5knots, we slowly built up to 6 knots as we passed the super yachts outside Antibes.

En route we picked up a buoyancy aid but as there was no sign of anything or anyone else we didn’t report it. We also tried a spot of fishing but we unsuccessful in catching lunch, however the male guests decided they would upgrade our fishing tackle once in Antibes and we could try again tomorrow! The female guests making the right noises, headed off back to the bow to ‘resume the position’!

Antibes was lovely and we had a fabulous night out celebrating one our guest’s 30thbirthday. Positions were

Sea plants

resumed on Wednesday and we tootled out of Antibes, but not before we’d got our money’s worth from the berth (I think we left about 11.45!) We headed out to the Ile Sainte Marguerite, a short sail away, slowly at first but again building speed with the wind. We tried the new fishing gear, no luck en route, but as soon as we anchored 3 small fish were caught in quick succession!

The fort

Unfortunately the fish were no good for eating so back they went and lunch was provided by the galley slave! An afternoon of swimming, snorkelling, fishing, relaxing and sunning oneself was enjoyed by all. We were also treated to a bit of a show from a neighbouring motor yachtwho had one of these new water powered flying machines. From what I could tell, you wear a backpack with a hose attached and the back pack is some sort of jet power that keeps you up in the air!

Walking on water

The first guy wasn’t very good and kept face-planting into the sea! It amused me for some time but I don’t think I’d like to try it! An evening stroll before dinner on the beautiful island and a visit to the fort where the ‘man in the iron mask’ spent 11 years, stretched everyone’s legs just nicely and dinner was served, accompanied by an amazing sunset and the flattest sea we have seen yet.

At anchor

After a very restful night, with no 3am wind rage or noisy Cannes festival across the water, we arose at a leisurely pace and eventually made tracks – not too far mind – just round the islands to Ile Saint Honorat for a spot more swimming, snorkelling and a visit to the monks.

But that’s another day…

Sunset over Cannes

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