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The First Week…

May 20, 2011

Friday 20thMay

Just Chillin'

And so the end of our first week of charter…

Since Tuesday we have been to St Tropez and had a lovely quiet night compared to the last time we were there – apparently the previous 2 nights had been spent celebrating St Tropez and so locals were all a little jaded! As for the lack of boats, I can only assume Cannes was the place of choice for most and having sailed past what appeared to be a boat show room on Monday I think it was a safe guess!

So we had a wonderfully peaceful night, a beautiful sunset, the biggest ice cream I have ever come across, and a good sleep! The next day, Thursday I think, we were on a mission – to get to Antibes, 36 and a half miles away. The wind was unkind – variable 1 – 3 turned into nothing but if there was some it was coming from where we were going! And so Donkey was called upon to work ever so hard. We gave him a rest at lunch time in Figueriette where we anchored in a beautiful little bay surrounded by idyllic villas and red, red rock. Very peaceful and a delicious lunch was enjoyed by all.

Sunset from St Tropez

The race was on… we had to be in Antibes by 4.30 otherwise we’d miss our spot. So Donkey was given another carrot and off we went. We made it to Antibes at 4.05pm and hopped onto the fuel berth, Phil made a dash for the Capitainerie – who were very organised and had our papers waiting – and gave us our berth. A lovely quiet berth at the end of an alley with very little room to manoeuvre. We did it slowly, eased the back end in and there we were, like a little sardine wiggled up tight to it’s brother for the night. Unfortunately our brother was German and had very noisy sardines on board!!

A takeaway pizza for us and an ‘ice tropez’ (I’m sure the supermarket lady said something about the ‘poubelle’ when I bought it – and she was right!! – and we were ready for bed. Another fantastic sunset and that was everyone done for the day – 36.49 miles achieved!

And so to the final day – having paid an early visit to the market and the fishmongers and been adequatel

St Tropez old harbour

y fleeced, we were on our way again. Today the wind was in our favour. Although it was coming from where we wanted to go we were able to sail at 8 – 9 knots, tacking all the way. A cracking sail was had by all and we were certainly ready for lunch 20 miles later back in the Rade de Villefranche. We anchored up for garlic and lemon shrimp and white chocolate mousse and then moved ourselves into the marina.

We have also managed to achieve our first engine service. Offshore Services came to the marina and we have had our oil changed, our fuel and oil filters changed and our impeller changed! The guests are snoozing, the sun is shining, the hull is gleaming (on one side where Phil could get the dinghy!) and dinner is ready to go! A very successful and most enjoyable week has been had by all!

St Honorat Monastery

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  1. Richard Reeves permalink
    May 20, 2011 7:44 pm

    Looks like a great week – well done guys!!

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