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May 15, 2011

Sunday 15thMay


Villefranche: A beautiful little peaches and cream village just round the corner from Nice. Very accommodating marina – we anchored until they had found a space for us – the end of the fuel berth! Nothing wrong with the end of the fuel berth but it’s only 10ft long! Quite a challenge to put 50ft alongside it and stay there! We have 2 lazy lines on the outside pulling us away from the quay so we’re actually quite comfortable.


Phil is now the captain of his own little ship – he has a Zodiac Zoom 260 with a Yamaha 4hp on the back. It certainly zooms and is quite tricky to manoeuvre, being flat bottomed and all!

Our first guests have arrived and are onboard. We had a successful dinner last night and they slept well, not waking for breakfast until 9am! We had a lovely sail this morning, were expecting storms but it was a sunny day so off we went. We had force 5 – 6 SE eventually and as we approached our anchorage it turned quite rough. We persevered and managed lunch at anchor, although Harry fell foul to the rolling and was quite ill!

First Essential

We left the anchorage and the wind died down leaving us with a 1 – 2m swell so old Donkey was called on to push us back to Villefranche. It’s now nice and calm back on our fuel berth but there are grey clouds overhead and thunder is rumbling around the hills. Harry is sleeping off the day’s drama having had his Weetabix!

There are two large cruise ships in the bay, all passengers being ferried ashore by local ferry boats. The markets are out, the restaurants doing well and the ladies in their flowery dresses and men with accordions are certainly being kept busy with their welcome parties!

Big bum!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day although if the forecast is what it says we’re probably in for another slightly swelly day!

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