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Sainte Maxime, part 2

May 9, 2011

Monday 9th May

The Skipper

We’ve had the boat now for over two weeks, time has flown. We’ve spent 7 nights out of that in Sainte Maxime and we’re here for one more. The courier finally delivered our official original registration today so we’re now legal in France! ‘Dwayne’ will be happy! So the boat is ready and tomorrow morning we’ll be making our way up the Cote d’Azur, hopefully stopping in Frejus or St Raphael for lunch and then picking up a mooring in the Rade d’Agay for the night. We would leave this afternoon but the wind was blowing this morning so we paid for another night.


The bilges are clean, the chrome is polished, the top sides scrubbed and white. Cabins are made, meals are planned, moorings have been asked for, everything is slowly coming into place. Mr Weather though appears to have other ideas! Having given us a scorcher of a week – suntans having been given a good base – he’s going on a bit of a wobbler at the weekend with storms and the dreaded ‘Mistral’ mentioned!

We had a mini adventure/crisis on Friday: the poo tank overflowed, not through the overflow, but into our bathroom! A very quick breakfast was had and then an even quicker exit was made to empty it! Having seen the boat being built and seen how many people it takes to screw and fit all the panelling in the boat, I was quite impressed with myself that I managed to; a) find the area I wanted to, b) take out a number of screws, remove a panel and thoroughly clean the overflowed area and then c) even more amazing, was that I put it all back together in the right place! So fish fed, a sail round the Golfe de Saint Tropez, we returned to our berth.

The skipper 2!

So a pretty uneventful week, first guests arrive in 5 days, hopefully not to the predicted thunderstorms and ‘Mistral’! We’ll let you know how we get on on the Cote d’Azur…

A bientot.

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