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Sainte Maxime

May 5, 2011

Thursday 5th May

Well, what to say…

We’ve been in Ste Maxime since making a mad dash for it on Monday. We left St Tropez knowing that it was rough but that we couldn’t justify another 90 Euros on the worst berth so far! So off we went about lunch time (just to make sure we’d got our money’s worth!) and headed straight into a rough force 5/6 on the nose straight across the bay for 2 miles! We’d phoned ahead and got a space at St Maxime, again on the end as we’re so fat, but this time nicely sheltered and the ferries that go past every 20 minutes or so cause no wash, so very peaceful.

Well, the peace didn’t last long. We were just having lunch on Tuesday and Douane and his mate decided to come on board. ‘Where are your papers?’, so we produced what we had been told in England was a valid piece of paper explaining that we were ‘in the process of being registered’. ‘Yes, but you are not registered, this is illegal’. So Douane, who was actually quite friendly, let us off the fine as it is apparently only a small offence, (but still big enough to land you with a whacking great fine, possibly a night in the finest Gendarme hoteland impounded until problem resolved) and we were told not to go anywhere ‘til we had the registration. So with a bit of luck that’s being sorted and we’ll be on our way by the weekend.

We have also been surrounded! It started with a Dutch boat who respectfully left 2 spaces between us and them on Tuesday night, then an English boat from Plymouth with two lovely gents onboard came alongside on Wednesday afternoon, then a boat full of German men (one wearing tights?!) last evening, and then this morning, 9am!, a funny looking English motor-cat on the other side – so we are well and truly stuffed in now and everything is just ok yah dahhhling! (The Germans, by the way, were the first to leave this morning. Obviously a little unnerved by the mini colony that was forming!)

We’ve found the supermarket, ice cream shop, chandlery, postcard maker, and generally things are going well. So I thought I’d help you out with a few little things to think about if trying to park a large boat in France:

1 – Everything is stern to and will always be across the wind! So far we are managing ok and Phil is slowly getting the idea that speed is sometimes definitely of the essence but at least we haven’t ended up sideways across 3 spaces like the Dutch boat…yet!

2 – It is always best to push your bum into the wind and drag your front up than the other way round as the wind will grab you and spin you right round, baby, right round like a record…

3 – Thierry is a hard worker but even he has his moments and gets burnt out. Some might say he’s a bit quick to give up but at least he’s usually there when he’s needed most. Short, sharp blasts are apparently how he works best!

4 – Never take your eye off the wind. It may well be blowing 0 knots as you approach your berth but if you think for 1 second ‘This is actually working’, then all of a sudden the wind who was zero is now Hero and blasting forth at 30 knots!

5 – Donkey works hard all the time, but always economically. Having been used for 32 hours he’s used less than a quarter of a tank. I can’t remember how big the tank is but for a hard worker he’s doing well!

And finally, Brioche bread is not so easy without a mixer and Phil is not as good at muffins as he is at bread! Flying Saucers is all that needs to be said there!

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  1. Sue Betteridge permalink
    May 8, 2011 5:43 pm

    Granddad received your postcard and we both found it fascinating to read about your adventure so far. We will keep following the blog. Hope your registration is sorted out. We are thinking about you. All our Love Aunty Sue and Granddad. xxxxx

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